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We love being Green

We love being Green

Here at Crown New Zealand we are passionate about our ‘We love being Green’ sustainability programme. Each of our domestic Crown branches has a green committee dedicated to sustainable business practices, across all areas of operation.

Our committees meet regularly and have specific targets with regards to reducing consumption, specifically through minimisation and reuse. We even set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor progress and ensure efficiency and this is monitored through our global Natural Consumption Database.

We also get involved with stand-alone conservation and environmental projects across our network. A recent example of this includes a three-year community conservation project called ‘Living legends’. During this project our staff planted a native tree or shrub for every domestic move we undertook. At the conclusion of this project we had 185,000 plantings completed.

Crown Relocations - We love being Green

Carbon emissions

It is a widely accepted fact that the emission of fossil fuels is one of the biggest pollutants to the global environment and the removals industry, just like the transport industry as a whole, has been a major contributor over the years.

In 2008 Crown New Zealand took action and adopted a policy of switching all our long distance relocations from road transport to rail and sea only. That allowed us to take over 5000 long distance truck journeys off our New Zealand roads every year.

This represents a massive reduction in our carbon emissions annually – a major sustainability win!

We love being greeen - reducing carbon emissions by using rail

Our hybrid-vehicles

We also recognise that cars make a very significant contribution to nation-wide carbon emissions. This has led us to adopt another major eco-friendly sustainability initiative by investing in new energy efficient, low emission car and truck technology. We have over 20 hybrid Toyota Prius and Camrys on the road and our calculations indicate this represents a 70% fuel consumption saving compared to our previous petrol powered vehicles.

We are also extremely proud to become the first removals company in New Zealand to invest in hybrid truck technology and we currently have four of these state of the art trucks in operation replacing a corresponding number of diesel trucks that we used to operate.

Crown's hybrid-vehicles - use of low emission car and truck technology.
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