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Fonterra and Crown World Mobility

Crown Settling in Services

Crown can provide a range of services to assist you and your family getting settled in, if agreed as part of your relocation support. We’ve prepared an overview of the core services below, these will be tailored to meet your key priorities and needs, based on what is achievable within the approved programme time.

Your Crown Mobility Advisor will have an initial discussion with you to establish your individual requirements. This information will then allow us to prepare a programme to meet your needs and appoint an ‘on the ground’ Relocation Consultant in your host location best suited to assist. You may also be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire. Please keep in mind, the more information you provide, the better equipped your Relocation Consultant will be to provide you support and utilise the approved programme time as effectively as possible.

Area Orientation / Familiarisation

During your orientation, a Relocation Consultant will collect you from either your office, or the temporary accommodation that Crown has arranged for you. They will provide a tour of areas appropriate to your needs. During the tour a comprehensive overview of each area and what it has to offer will be provided, to support you in making a more informed decision about where you might like to settle, along with an introduction to amenities. A typical programme can include elements of, but is not restricted to:

  • City information pack
  • Introduction to public transport
  • Visit to shopping malls / food markets
  • Identification of options for essential services, sporting clubs, cultural interests
  • Visit to bank and post office. For some host countries this may include assistance with a tax number and or other statutory documentation
  • Introduction to medical facilities
  • Overview of leisure and hobby facilities
  • Advice on employing a domestic helper
  • Introduction to expatriate networking clubs and support group

Home Finding Assistance

Crown’s home finding support programme usually starts with a pre-arrival consultation, during which your ‘on the ground’ Relocation Consultant will have a detailed discussion around your housing requirements with the aim of streamlining the home search process once you arrive. Our Relocation Consultants have an intimate knowledge of the housing markets in which they operate, including excellent relationships with the local landlords. Your Consultant is there to help you, they’re impartial and work with your needs in mind, at all times. If you find a property you like make sure you share the detail, as they can use this to better understand your preferences, along with ensuring the lease meets Fonterra’s requirements.

The home finding process will vary dependent on your needs, but a general overview would be as follows:

  • Pre departure discovery interview
  • Post arrival tour and overview of residential areas appropriate to lifestyle and budget
  • Inspection of short-listed properties
  • Assistance with lease negotiations and perusal of the lease agreement
  • Assistance with the property condition report to ensure accuracy and fairness before the final signing of the lease
  • Assistance with other matters e.g. utility connections and agreements

School search and Education Support

Our school search programme starts with a pre-arrival discovery interview to gauge your requirements and help to streamline the selection process. The accompanied school search programme provides an objective overview of the local education system, in-depth information on available options and personal introductions to shortlisted institutions.

School search process is typically as follows:

  • Provision of school reports, identifying criteria such as curriculum, style, size and location of schools
  • Advise local school zoning regulations
  • Advise on the admissions procedures and set up meetings with key contacts
  • Accompany you and family for pre-arranged tours and interviews – transportation is provided by the Crown specialist
  • Coordinate communication between schools and family
  • Support with enrolment and other essential documentation
  • Assist with arranging uniforms
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