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Destination Services

At Crown World Mobility we understand companies invest a great deal of time and money on international assignments and permanent relocations. Family is the key consideration in any relocation and a well planned ‘settling in’ programme at destination, will enhance the relocation experience of new arrivals.

Each relocation project is different and starts with a comprehensive ‘discovery interview’ where our experienced Mobility Specialists take the time to better understand the needs of the transferee and family. Once special needs have been uncovered a tailored programme of Destination Services can be designed for the new arrivals.

In the event a ‘new arrival’ has specific needs falling outside the instruction received by Crown we will come back to you with our recommendations and await further advice. It is not uncommon for special needs to be identified during our discovery process.

Destination Services - Happy family of four

Preview trip

Each family will be ‘paired’ with a dedicated Mobility Specialist (at destination) who arranges an organised preview tour, prior to their permanent relocation. The programme is ideal for transferees who are considering an international assignment and want to learn more about their proposed new (host) location.

A typical preview trip will include, but is not restricted to:

  • Comprehensive pre arrival discovery interview
  • Collection from, and return to, hotel, workplace or accommodation – by arrangement
  • Accompanied tour of the host location, which can include pre-arranged property inspections to match individual housing needs with budgets and entitlements
  • Visits to local supermarkets, shopping centres and a cost of living overview
  • An overview of residential areas, community facilities, sports clubs, schools, transportation networks and other essential services e.g. local banking options
  • A follow up consultation to address outstanding queries or issues arising from the visit
Destination Services - Mobility consultant meeting family at their home

Area Orientation

This service is similar to the preview trip, but typically conducted post-arrival at the ‘host’ location. It is designed to ensure the transferee, and their family, receive a comprehensive overview of the new location and ensure they settle into their new environment as seamlessly as possible. If their preferred housing neighbourhood has yet to be established, a comprehensive overview and tour of suburbs will be arranged. Usually offered in one-day increments, these programmes are tailored to individual needs and requirements, following a discovery interview.

A typical programme can include, but is not restricted to:

  • City information pack
  • Introduction to public transport
  • Visit to shopping malls / food markets
  • Identification of options for essential services, sporting clubs, cultural interests
  • Visit to bank and post office, includes support with a tax number and or other statutory documentation
  • Overview of leisure  and hobby facilities
  • Advice on employing a domestic helper
  • Introduction to expatriate networking clubs and support group
Destination Services - image of a lake with blossoms

Home find assistance

Crown’s home find programme starts with a pre-departure ‘discovery’ interview to gauge the transferee housing requirements (at destination) and streamline the home-search process for when they arrive. Our Destination Mobility Specialists have intimate knowledge of the housing markets in which they operate, including excellent relationships with the local landlords. Their goal is to get your transferees into suitable, quality housing that meets their budgetary and lifestyle needs.

It is important to manage the transferee’s expectations, which can be unrealistic with the prospect of an overseas posting. That’s where our expertise and local knowledge comes in play. Our on the ground team of specialists have the know-how and networks to ensure that your transferees access the best available options. All of Crown’s team are independent and not aligned with specific realtors or landlords. This ensures unbiased, independent and objective advice.

The home find process is as follows:

  • Pre departure discovery interview
  • Post arrival tour and overview of residential areas appropriate to lifestyle and budget
  • Inspection of short-listed properties
  • Assistance with lease negotiations and perusal of the lease agreement
  • Assistance with the property condition report to ensure accuracy and fairness before the final signing of the lease
  • Assistance with other matters e.g. utility connections and agreements
  • Daily updates to the employer, including feedback on progress being made. For example, it is not uncommon for housing allowances to fall short of transferees expectations, which if left unaddressed can cause tension
Destination Services - Crown consultant measuring coffee table to assist in gauging transferee housing requirements

Temporary housing

Temporary housing is generally required by transferees involved in the home search process or on short term assignments. Crown will locate and book accommodation deemed as the most appropriate. We have a wide selection of options in all major locations alleviating the need for the employer and transferee to source and secure safe and convenient housing within budget.

Destination Services - Family of three with Crown consultant in temporary housing

School search and education support

Our school search programme starts with a pre-arrival discovery interview to gauge the transferee’s requirements and streamline the selection process. The accompanied school search programme provides an objective overview of the local education system, in-depth information on available options and personal introductions to shortlisted institutions.

School search process is as follows:

  • Pre departure discovery interview to establish core needs and priorities
  • Provision of school reports, identifying criteria such as curriculum, style, size and location of schools
  • Advise local school zoning regulations
  • Advise on the admissions procedures and set up meetings with key contacts
  • Accompany the relocating family for pre-arranged tours and interviews – transportation is provided by the Crown specialist
  • Coordinate communication between schools and family
  • Support the transferee with enrolment and other essential documentation
Destination Services - School students and staff talking with Crown consultant

Partner career support

From experience we know that supporting the transferee’s partner, or trailing spouse, may well be a key factor in the success of an assignment or transfer. After all, many partners will generally be giving up a career in support of the transferee. While this may appear fine on the surface it is widely known that failing to address the needs of the partner, or spouse, can be a primary cause of failed relocations.

Our partner career support programme is designed to provide partners / spouses with professional coaching, networking, volunteering and job search support, should they intend to take up employment in their new location.

Our consultants conduct detailed insight assessments (via phone or in person) to gain an initial insight into the candidate’s areas of interest and assess their career needs and expectations. This information is then used to research and create a customised programme of career support unique to each individual. For example an important component will often involve the preparation of a curriculum vitae and specific interview techniques and tips.

Destination Services - Crown consultant talking to a client

Tailored services

In many situations we recommend that employers consider a bundled approach to the provision of Destination Services. This enables transferees to receive a combination of tailor-made services within a set budget of hours.

There is no one size that fits all as transferees could be travelling alone or with up to five or six dependants. The bundled approach allows employers to cater for all needs while maintaining tight cost control. For example, a single transferee may have non-complex housing needs and not require a full orientation.

Crown can provide employers with ‘industry standard’ templates to establish a fair and equitable policy for transferee service entitlements. As an example, a single employee may receive 16 hours assistance (bundled services) while a family of five might be allocated up to 50. This method is favoured by many of our corporate clients.

Destination Services - Buisnessman in city

To contact our World Mobility specialists call us on: 0800 243 578, or (+64) 9 415 7300, alternatively email: or complete a contact form.

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