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Intercultural support

For assignees and their families moving abroad, effective intercultural support is the most efficient and pre-emptive way of ensuring they understand how to adapt to their new culture. Until those differences are understood (and adjustments made) your people are at a distinct disadvantage. The inability to adapt to a new culture is one of the primary reasons for a premature return from an international assignment.

Crown cultural training provides assignees and their families with critical information on how to decode behaviours and adapt to the ambiguity of living in unfamiliar surroundings for personal and business success abroad.

Our service includes, but is not restricted to, the following:

  • Tailored face to face programmes that ensure assignees understand the culture of their new country, explore their communication style and identify the different phases of adaptation. Using intercultural frameworks as a foundation, we address personal and professional topics specific to each situation, providing training that is instantly relevant.
  • Programmes can be offered either pre or post arrival in the new country. There are benefits in either case, dependent on individual circumstances.
  • Age-appropriate programmes for children and young adults can run parallel with adult sessions, this enables the family to enjoy both generic and targeted cultural training.
  • Online training programmes specifically designed for business integration are commonplace for companies planning short term assignments.
  • Learning is not restricted to the classroom, as assignees and families are also provided with long term access to our interactive online cultural profiling and information tool.
  • Candidate Assessment programmes are often recommended to establish the suitability of employees under consideration for assignments to difficult or hardship locations. These typically can include the suitability of all family members.
Intercultural Support for those moving overseas

While we can provide pre departure support our service delivery model generally favours training upon arrival into the host country. Once in the host country the participants acquire cultural experiences that can be debriefed in the training room. This experiential learning technique is very impactful for adult learners and makes the training instantly relevant and practical. Compare this to a pre-departure program which will discuss interactions that may happen and could be forgotten long before the skill is actually needed. It is our belief that our model represents a far better value proposition and also enables us to keep the cost of the training program lower.

To contact our World Mobility specialists call us on: 0800 243 578, or (+64) 9 415 7300, alternatively email: or complete a contact form.

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