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Introducing Marna Fourie - Senior Mobility Advisor

Marna is an experienced Senior Mobility Advisor within the Crown Mobility team. Marna specialises in policy consulting, assignment preparation and management, repatriation, immigration and financial systems  She is Crown’s lead service provider to both Fonterra and Air New Zealand’s expatriate communities.

Marna has travelled extensively, having worked in significant corporate roles throughout her career. She moved from South Africa to New Zealand in 2016 and joined Crown at that time. Her international experiences are a perfect complement to her technical knowledge of the mobility industry. She has developed a unique insight into the issues faced by her both assignees and their employers.

Within her role Marna is an integral part of our award winning Fonterra team, supporting their employees on assignment, and helping them do the best work of their lives, no matter where they are throughout the world. She  is also in the process of completing a bachelor degree in Business, with a major in Human Resource Management.

Recently we had the opportunity to find out a little bit more about her…

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

I love old architectural buildings and places rich with history, somewhere like Vienna in Austria with its baroque castles and 19th century buildings.

What is your daily mantra, or inspirational quote?

I like to challenge myself and to think about what I can do better in my daily routine. I find Jim Collin’s book “Good to Great” very inspirational as he talks about how a good company can become a great company if the focus is shifted to the right things.

What are your top three bucket list experiences?

1.  A trip to the jungle, Amazon rainforest
2.  Learn how to tango in Buenos Aires
3.  Practice my photography skills in the Okavango Delta

What do you feel are the biggest challenges for organisations who have a mobile workforce today?

Communication remains imperative in any organization and it starts with a company’s culture, to encourage the flow of communicating.  If employees are aware of the company’s goals and ambitions and encouraged to get actively involved and empowered with the right tools to achieve this, it can turn events around.  We all know that people are the most valuable asset of a company, people need to stay motivated and appreciated. It’s also an important aspect for leaders to gain employees trust, especially if they are working in global teams but yet recognised and appreciated for the role they are playing to achieve the company’s goals. The ultimate goal is to truly stay connected with your mobile workforce, and it starts with the company’s leaders.

What part of your role with Crown World Mobility do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy managing assignments on behalf our corporate clients. For companies to truly measure the value they get from sending their employees on assignments, it’s not only about the skills they bring to the assignment location but also the basic support that is provided before the actual assignment kick starts, such as cultural training and settlement support. It forms the basis of a successful assignment as the individual is equipped with the necessary support structure to enable the person to focus on the actual task at hand.

To contact our World Mobility team call: 0800 243 578, or (+64) 9 415 7300, alternatively email: or complete a contact form.

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