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Transportation services

Crown World Mobility is considered the market leader in the provision of removal, storage and insurance services to company employees on transfer. As a division of Crown Worldwide Group we have access to the world’s largest privately owned moving network, spanning almost 60 countries, where Crown is a trusted household name. Within New Zealand our nationwide network of branches, includes modern, purpose built office and warehouse facilities in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington, Nelson, Palmerston North, Christchurch and Dunedin. This network enables a full door-to-door, one company service.

Transportation services - one company service

Domestic and overseas removals

For company funded relocations our team of experienced Mobility Consultants work ‘one on one’ closely with Crown’s corporate partners to ensure policy is adhered to by all parties. Quoted options could include full containers, shared containers, motor vehicle relocation, storage, insurance and pet relocation. If we are unsure we will come back and ask you for direction.

A key part of our process is the arrangement of ‘in-house’ inspections at all Crown locations. These can also be achieved through either in-person visitation or our wifi ‘virtual survey’ option. In these instances we will conduct the survey from New Zealand using a virtual survey app and retain a full video record of the process and inventory.

Crown’s operational crews are the heart of the business. They are uniformed, security cleared in all Crown locations (MOJ in New Zealand) and fully trained to international packing standards. Our global training modules include the ‘Crown Touch’ behavioural modules to ensure we are excellent house guests, no matter where in the world.

Domestic and overseas removals

International relocations (into New Zealand)

Our strong presence globally means we are not reliant on third party agents and offer you the same consistent Crown service for bringing staff from overseas locations into New Zealand. For locations where we do not have an overseas office, we utilise carefully chosen service partners who are qualified and equipped to meet our strict quality standards and requirements.

Our NZ based Mobility Consultants will arrange everything. We take your instruction to source competitive quotes (2-3 bids) from our overseas offices and other providers as identified in our Global Service Partner Database. We act under your instruction and ensure your instructions are adhered to.

A feature of our service is that we don’t seek payment until the goods have arrived in New Zealand. All payments are in NZD. If your employee is sharing the cost, we will invoice separately and ensure each component is ring-fenced.

International relocations (into New Zealand)

Office equipment

We specialise in managing both complex and simple business / commercial relocations. Our approach to the relocation of office equipment is to blend this activity with the removals service. In the event specialised equipment or services are required (e.g. lundia shelving, library move, scientific equipment) we call on our commercial division for support. We will safely pack, transport, and relocate all equipment with minimal down time and disruption.

Office equipment - We specialise in managing both complex and simple business / commercial relocations

Large projects and group moves

We have the experience and resources to manage and deliver a high volume of relocations involving multiple services at all times. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver and sustain excellent service under all conditions and circumstances. Our modern company owned (and serviced) offices/warehouses are well established both within New Zealand and overseas.

When a big project is undertaken in New Zealand we involve a complete team of up to nine specialised Mobility consultants. This means that in the event of leave, sickness, unexpected absence and/or high work volumes we have a well versed ‘back up’ team in place. Evening and weekend support is provided by 24/7 ‘on call’ phone and/or text messaging.

Large projects and group moves

Crown Care insurance protection

Crown are proud to have one of the best records for claim-free relocations in the industry. We understand the responsibility of being a corporate relocation provider when moving your employees’ personal effects. We are essentially representing the employer to the employee at all junctures.

Our standard comprehensive option is called Itemised Valued Inventory. This method requires each transferee (TF) to complete an application form and nominate a replacement value for the items they wish to insure. A unique feature of our insurance is that we replace with new and not depreciated value.

A Lump Sum option is also available, this method being favoured for most overseas relocations as it’ provides a global standard valuation. This is a ‘no fuss’ approach requiring minimal paperwork, the premiums being based upon replacement values at an industry average per cubic metre.

Rapid settlement of claims is a feature of Crown Care. We view claims settlement as an extension of our customer service. Not only do we offer a great plan, in the unlikely event of a claim we don’t leave our claimants to battle it out with settling agents and third parties. All claims are the responsibility of our own ‘in-house’ Insurance Manager.

To contact our World Mobility specialists call us on: 0800 243 578, or (+64) 9 415 7300, alternatively email: or complete a contact form.

Transportation FAQs

What size are your vehicles?

We operate a range of purpose built removal vehicles and containers. Load plans and vehicle allocations are made once the access details are established.

What training do you offer your staff?

We have an internal improvement programme with continuous training throughout the year. This programme also runs in association with ISO 9001 — this is the world’s most widely recognised Quality Management System. Stringent staff selection supported by complete induction training and ongoing assessments allows our customers to receive a complete relocation experience.

Can transferees pack their own cartons?

Many countries are no longer accepting shipments that were packed by the owner. In addition, any damage incurred to items owner packed may not be covered by transit protection. Therefore, it is suggested that Crown pack all household items. All crews are professionally trained and have years of experience packing peoples precious belongings.

What procedure do you use to pack china, glass and crystal?

We use ibubble instead of standard bubble wrap. This sealed air bubble wrap IB product is an air cellular inflatable soft plastic covering that provides a cushioning effect all around your packages, ensuring maximum protection against any downward pressure on the carton. This is a highly recommended technique for fragile items.

Will the packing crew use the original packing materials for appliances?

If a transferee has the original cartons and packing materials for their appliances or other household items, a Crew Leader will inspect the materials to determine whether your goods will be safer using these or our own specialised packing materials.

Do you dismantle and re-assemble beds, wardrobes and other furniture items?

Our staff carry out dismantling and re-assembling to the best of their ability. It is important that we know what is required at the quotation stage to allow for the necessary resources and equipment to be provided.

Does the transferee need to unpack their chest of drawers?

As long as the unit is sturdy enough, then light items such as clothing, bedding etc, can be left in. We require removal of any books, magazines and breakable items. Self-assembly furniture does not respond well to moving so this type of furniture must only be moved while empty.

What should transferees do with gas cylinders of flammable liquids?

Gas cylinders cannot be transported on our vehicles unless purged. Flammable liquids however contained, must not be submitted for removal either. These items are not covered under our insurance and you will need to make other arrangements. Equipment such as garden mowers and chainsaws should be drained of all liquids beforehand.

International Storage Services FAQs

Will furniture be placed to the transferees requirements?

It is always best if you have a clear idea of where things should be placed before our staff arrive. Our staff will arrange the rooms to our customer’s liking but they will not have time to continually rearrange a room.

Who is responsible for completing a personal effects insurance application?

It is the responsibility of the transferee to complete the application form for insurance coverage.

Is it necessary for the transferee and/or partner to be present when their effects are unpacked?

There is a requirement for the owner of the belongings or a nominated representative to be present during the unpacking process. Our ‘unpack team’ will unwrap and set up all large furniture items, beds, sofas, lounge suites, fridges and electrical items.

Cartons of kitchenware, crockery, ornaments and other smaller items will be unpacked on to your bench top but staff are not required to put items away into cupboards or drawers. Additional unpack is available upon request and will have to be approved by the Human Resources Department unless otherwise stipulated. Empty cartons will be collapsed and made ready for uplift by the pack crew.

How much will it cost?

For larger moves a consultant will visit the home to determine the cost of the move, as it depends on numerous factors such as packing, access, size of consignment and number of staff. With this information we can compile an accurate quotation tailored to the individual circumstance.

What areas do you cover in New Zealand?

We cover the whole of New Zealand with our own transport offering full, part and return load services. We can move you virtually anywhere in the world, in conjunction with our network of Crown branches and service partners around the globe.

How much notice do you require?

Relocations are usually booked between 7-14 days before the expected move takes place. For international relocations ideally 14-21 days notice is required. Please always try to give as much notice as possible.

Can you provide a pre-move consultation?

A professional relocation consultant will cover off all aspects of the relocation with the transferee prior to uplift.

Will the crew unpack?

The crew will unpack effects and take away all used packing material. We can also provide a handyman or domestic help service to assist families settle in to their new home.

Do you provide storage (long term or temporarily)?

We can service all storage needs in our modern facilities which are approved and licensed by the New Zealand Customs department. Our facilities must adhere to strict requirements to ensure safety and security such as: monitored alarms, structural specifications and controlled public access.

What is the size of your storage containers?

Our containers hold approximately eight cubic metres. These are standard removal industry size, ideal to be fork-lifted on and off vehicles allowing us to load and unload directly at your premises if conditions permit.

How long can goods be placed in storage?

Goods can be stored for as long or short a period as necessary. Storage is charged weekly and all customers receive an invoice/statement every month.

How do you charge for storage?

We accept payment by cheque, credit or debit card. A popular option is to pay by direct debit should storage be required for a long time.

What items are not allowed to be stored?

Flammable items, gas bottles, plants, any opened food such as oils, sauces.

Why is insurance protection necessary?

While our professional crew will pack, transport and unpack a transferees personal effects as safely and securely as possible, it is important to note that these items will be travelling on a boat, plane, truck or other mode of transport — all of which carry inherent risks.

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